3 Benefits of Home Automation

Comprehensive home automation – to many people – often sounds complex and expensive, but there are systems are remarkably affordable and easy to install. For a moment, imagine how much easier it would be to have automatic lighting control, video surveillance accessibility and air-conditioning control and be able to control everything from your cell phone or tablet. Imagine having the ability and capability to manage energy effectively to help minimise your costs. What was once a fantasy, is now a reality. Wireless home security automation allows you do all this and more.

What exactly is complete home automation? Essentially, home automation is defined as accessing or controlling several home appliances, security, climate, and video monitoring from a remote location. Below, we will look at the 3 main benefits of home automation systems:


  1. Convenience:

Life, and quite often traffic, can create difficulty in making it home by the time the kids come in the door or even when the repair person arrives to fix the TV. And since it’s impossible to be in two places at once, the convenience of having access to your home systems remotely can be a real time saver. You could even switch off all the lights in your home without even having to get out of bed, use your cell phone or another portal device to switch your wireless home security alarm system on/off or use voice recognition to control other appliances around the house.

  1. Energy Savings:

When utilised correctly and efficiently, a number of home automation products, also known as “smart” products, assist you with the management of your home’s energy consumption. For instance, automate your thermostat to change settings throughout the day based on the times someone is home or when the house is empty. There are some smart devices which can be synchronised to your appliances with by-the-minute energy consumption information. This helps because your home appliances can be calibrated to the most cost-effective times to operate. For instance, your dishwasher may operate at around 2 am as this is the best time for the lowest consumption, and therefore, the lowest price.

  1. Wireless Home Security:

Complete home automation systems have several security benefits. As mentioned, they allow you to check in on your home from a remote location, giving you a real peace of mind. Some systems will allow you to interact with your home security system, giving you with the ability to arm and/or disarm your home remotely. Some home automation systems will alert you by phone, text or email if there is any unusual movements within your home.


Home automation products offer you convenience and save you time and effort performing household tasks. When you properly manage your energy, you can reduce your energy consumption, which may help you save money. Maybe and perhaps most importantly, complete home automation lets you customise your home to fit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. Polygon Technologies and GSM Commander offer a wide range of automated products which will make your life a whole lot easier. Visit GSM Commander today!!


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