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Stay In Control

Stay In Control Fully programmable, GSM Commander is capable of managing everything from opening and closing gates remotely to monitoring energy consumption. It performs its automation magic either by SMS or the cloud. And, according to its creators Polygon Technologies, it is easily programmed using its own Smart Setup Software, which is based on a point and click interface. What you can […]

Cable Theft Detection

CTM - Polygon Technologies - GSM Commander

  The efficiency of cable theft prevention efforts can be significantly improved by technology tools to detect criminal actions as early as possible. The GSM Commander Product family offers a range of solutions to empower effective detection & reporting of access violation and cable tampering events. Below we look at a few methods of detecting […]

3 Benefits of Home Automation

Comprehensive home automation – to many people – often sounds complex and expensive, but there are systems are remarkably affordable and easy to install. For a moment, imagine how much easier it would be to have automatic lighting control, video surveillance accessibility and air-conditioning control and be able to control everything from your cell phone […]